Will Tech Change The Future Of Addiction Treatments

If you look around, you are surrounded by technology. Today, we make use of computers and smart phones so that we can stay in touch with each other, as well as conduct business without ever leaving the confines of our house. Technology, although getting smarter, has also been able to replace the social life that we would now crave. Psychotherapy, although a human interaction where physical interactions happens between a patient as well as a therapist, can constitute its basic core can now be used as a form of treatment with the help of technology. It will be able to address a lot of problems, particularly with drug abuse.

In fact, there are a lot of great promises being shown with treatments that make use of technology. As we all know, cognitive behavioral therapy or CBT, cognitive management as well as prize based incentives has been able to become pretty effective for short-term treatments. There is often a lack of resources, particularly money and time when it comes to training for such kind of therapy to be used to its adequate level. There are also various limits as to the kind of treatment that should be provided to the patient in such cases.

According to the National Institutes of Health, a lot of recent studies thereby computerized systems were used in order to assist as well as augment that treatment for drug abuse has now been used to collaborate with the product in order to assist any kind of substance abuse -related programs.

Treatment according to computer based training

Designed at Yale, computer-based training or CBT has been applied to a very difficult population that is controlled by the NDA are the national drug agency, whereby the patients are dependent upon cocaine as well as on methadone. The program has been pretty intuitive as well is user friendly and makes a lot of sense. There is a whole level of new computer games whereby six modules have been found to be closely related to the CBT program which makes it pretty effective. The core concepts of the program such as understanding, changing in the back and behavior of the patient, as well as coping with the cravings of the drug and the refusal of using it is something that is ingrained in the program.

The use of the computer-based training has resulted in the improvement in the decision-making skills as well as providing impressive results on a huge proportion of people.

Treatment with therapeutic education system

The Therapeutic education system or TES happens to be a cognitive behavioral system that approaches the reinforcement method when it comes to proper treatment for the drug users. Motivational incentives along with prevention of the drug use are something that has been aimed towards this treatment option. Incentives such as usually a monetary compensation of one dollar or even $ 20 have been found to motivate the people to get rid of drugs.

Although in its infant stages, technology has been making inroads into helping people get rid of drug addiction.

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