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How to Stop the Cycle of Drug Abuse and Begin Recovery

Drug addiction ruins many lives – lives of not just the addict, but all of the addict’s friends and family members. Someone struggling with a drug addiction may spend a lot of time wishing that they could stop and have their old life back. This is possible, and many people have broken free from the cycle of drug addiction with help and hard work.

Reach out to Family and Friends

Reaching out to family and friends is very often the first step towards drug addiction recovery. Family members and friends are the people who have watched the addict struggle day after day. These people care the most, and even if they have been hurt through this behavior they would be happy to see their loved one break free from their addictions.

Attend Drug Addiction Support Groups

Drug addiction support groups occur in a number of towns and cities. Although this may seem like a big step, and getting through those front doors the first time is hard, these groups are full of all different people at the same place in their lives. Every single person in these support groups has been affected by drug addiction, and each one of them wants to recover.

Support groups also have members who have been in recovery for many years. These people can be a valuable part in a drug addict’s recovery process. Having someone to talk to who has been there and gotten better can provide hope to a struggling addict.

Seek Medical Addiction Treatment

People with serious addictions may not be able to break the cycle without medical help. In-patient treatment is a great way to get away from the temptations of the outside world for a few months until recovery is off to a good start. In-patient treatment ranges from two month to a year, depending on the needs of the individual.

Before in-patient addiction treatment, it may be necessary to check in to a detox center. Detox centers allow people to get away from temptation for at least five days and withdraw from drugs in a safe place. These centers provide food and support that can make the withdrawal period easier on patients.

Have the Desire to Get Life Back

The most important part of drug addiction recovery is the desire to get better and live a normal life. Drug addiction is hard, and regardless of how long someone has been using drugs, they will have a very hard time recovering if it’s not what they want.

It’s important that the addict’s urges and cravings aren’t confused with a lack of desire to stop. Drug addictions cause cravings, no matter where someone is in their recovery. As long as they really want their old life back, it’s possible. Reaching out is step one, from there it is a fight for freedom from the cycle of addiction. Recovery takes time, and it is not easy – but it is very possible

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