How To Fight Drug Addiction

How To Fight Drug Addiction?

If you are thinking about changing your life away from drug addiction, then you made a right choice of making your life better, once and for all. There may have been times when you have convinced yourself to stop it, but it was not so easy to do.

While the battle against addiction has created a significant downward path in your life, here are some reasons to further motivate you to stop using drugs.

You will get healthier.

There are no drugs that will make yourself healthy. In fact, drugs are synonymous to poisoning your body. For instance, the use of heroin or painkillers can lead to pneumonia, tuberculosis, or abscesses. The excessive use of marijuana, on the other hand, can make the brain appear like those with schizophrenia, not to mention the damages to the lungs. Furthermore, methamphetamine is extremely hard for the entire body to accept because it mainly affects the nervous system and the brain. Extreme weight loss and malnutrition are two of the most common effects of excessive use of alcohol or drugs and it can greatly affect how that person will resist illness.

You will minimize the risk of facing an untimely death.  

It may cause death to those first-time users, while a few others will face long-term damaging effects on their body. Cocaine, for instance, can cause cardiac arrest or heart attack due to the heavy stress on both heart and its arteries. With excessive drinking, increased risk of accidents is more likely. Any kind of opiate abuse can cause death by fatal overdose. Ecstasy and other synthetics can cause organ breakdown. When you stop using drugs, you will have a better chance of having a happy and long life.

You will secure your own job.

By not using drugs, you will have a higher chance of keeping a good job, since one of the indicators of the slide into addiction is losing jobs. It is usual in people who are addicted to drugs to blame others for their own setbacks. The user cannot see that himself/herself has stopped working efficiently already with more frequent absences than normal. Due to the negative effects of drugs, the user often cannot finish the project he/she has taken over. Lots of mistakes were made in your job, the costumers were neglected, and co-workers were alienated. The bottom-line is that you will lose your own job sooner or later.

Relationships are preserved.

If you are still using drugs, then someone will get affected like your spouse, your children, or your relative. While they love you, theyalso do not want their loved ones to interfere with their functional lives. The use of drugs or excessive drinking of alcoholic beverages may lead to neglecting your own children. Everything and everyone that are around will be pushed away and do not wait until it is late to go up again.

You have more money than you have expected.

Heroin costs more than we expect, around 150$ to 200$ per day, depending on your habit. Painkillers also cost more. Marijuana, cocaine, and alcohol will cost more than we know per month. It all depends on the preferences of the user and his/her location. If you are doing crimes just to get the money, then there is a higher probability that you will get arrested.

Real, authentic emotions will be felt once again.  

You will feel happiness and sadness appropriate time. Unlike when you are high on drugs or alcohol, you are just masking your own emotions, affecting your emotional response to life’s events. Sedatives and tranquilizers will just make you feel bland. Opiates and marijuana can make the person mellow but, they are crashing down around one’s ears. Methamphetamine and other stimulants will make the person delusional. With the long-term use of drugs or alcohol, apathy and depression may result

Instead of hating you, people will like you better.

People can be mean or aggressive when they are intoxicated or affected by drugs and marijuana. Cases like these make people around you hate you because of the sudden changes in your personality. In your part, it can trigger panic attacks. If you overdose in front of someone, they will carry you off to the hospital, which is unacceptable to your friends most of the time. The effects of methamphetamine and cocaine can make the person aggressive and paranoid, which is not a good trait for a friend or relative.

You will realize that it is a terminal or dead-end activity.

You have three options to consider: death, jail, or sobriety. We all know that quitting drugs is hard, but the outcome of not quitting is much worse. Some rehabilitation center provides drugs to the patient when they are in withdrawal stage, but most of the patients prefer treatment that involves zero use of drugs at all.

It will take you time to heal from addiction and thinking about how you will stop using drugs is a big step. By taking drugs, it means that you are afraid of the responsibilities and obligations that you have been faced with. Since quitting is difficult, they will need someone who will encourage them to do it.

When you stop using drugs, your brain and body functions will become upset for a while.

If you cannot resist it, you can seek help and advice from support groups. Meeting someone who understands what you are going through can give you hope and a better understanding of the emotions that you are going through. Counselors can provide you medicine that is appropriate for your fast recovery and will teach you how to cope up with the present stress.

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